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"It is a wise person who
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Feedback from some Clients

All names are withheld for reasons of client confidentiality

"In August 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and at that time was informed about the The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre in Tunbridge Wells. It was as if someone was watching over me as I was introduced to Joan and the benefits of Reiki treatment there.

In the past I have used alternative treatments; primarily, cranial osteopathy for ongoing back problems, but have never experienced Reiki treatment. Well it was amazing. Joan has healing hands and I am so grateful to her for what she is doing for me.

I do not fully understand how it works, but it does. I hope that as time goes on I will become more knowledgeable. All I can say is that since being treated by her I have been able to come through the side effects one suffers with chemotherapy better and stronger than without Reiki treatment. I don't know how I could have managed without her but I know she will be there for me when I start the radiotherapy which is a comfort.

Joan has helped me emotionally, physically and dare I say even spiritually, to look at the challenges ahead. Her knowledge and caring nature have been such a support to me and I know that she and the benefits of Reiki will be with me on my journey to future good health.

Thank you Joan"


"I had crippling problems with low self esteem which stemmed from various childhood and relationship events. I had previously gone to a counselor for nearly a year, and I thought I had dealt with my 'demons', but all I had done was to identify where my issues came from; I was still carrying around all the anger and bitterness I associated with my past. After hitting an all-time low in terms of emotional stability, a friend suggested I tried EFT. I went along to my first session with a fairly open mind, but nothing could have prepared me for how devastatingly effective this treatment is. Joan is very understanding and I trusted her implicitly from the outset. You have to work hard in the sessions, but within a very short space of time you will see the difference this treatment makes. I think it can change your life for the better; it has done mine."


"Thank you so much for the EFT treatment. It has helped me so much and I feel so much happier. I have now got a date for my dental treatment and I don't even feel nervous!  I am now looking forward to working on my other issue."


"I really wanted to say a big thank you for the EFT.  I can't believe the difference I feel, although I haven't flown yet I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I am a lot happier within myself already. Thanks again for your time and sensitivity."
(This client has subsequently flown several times without sedatives or panic attacks.)


"A little thank you for our EFT sessions.  I am so happy to be releasing emotions that have been hiding inside for so long."


"Reiki has allowed my mind and body to flow in harmony. The experience is relaxing and even more so, when left in the calming and soothing hands of Joan Simons. I believe Reiki should be available on the NHS as a competitor of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), allowing people to slow down the pace of everyday life and get in touch with their inner being and the real meaning of living."


"EFT has given me the chance to release emotions that I didn't even know were affecting my life. After only 6 sessions of EFT I left my baggage behind in the treatment room and walked out a different person, I am now fulfilling my ultimate goals and purposes in life."


"After suffering from an eating disorder for 8 years EFT has helped me to say goodbye to the negative emotions that were subsequently attached to my way of thinking and feeling about life. I started the treatment still a little depressed and suppressed. I am now lifted and full of the right energy. I am truly grateful to Joan for helping me on my way."


"The sessions of Reiki Joan has given to me have been wonderful. The improvement to my back was such a relief and my osteopath was so impressed with the improvement that she has asked me for Joan's details.

Joan balanced her treatments with colour and crystals and the environment is so peaceful you can't help but be relaxed and energised at the same time."


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