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"It is a wise person who
waters their own
garden first "


Mentoring / Intuitive Counselling

There is much truth in the adage “if you keep on doing what you do you will keep on getting what you got”.

During these stressful times in which we are living, more people are struggling to cope, both emotionally and physically and are looking for ways to improve themselves and their lives so it is with this in mind that I am offering Mentoring and Intuitive Counselling to help those with this need.

Change has to come from within and we are the only ones who can make those changes by altering how we think, and, just as importantly, how we act. Sometimes it is the smallest change that will bring about the biggest reward.

During the session the client is encouraged to take an in depth look at their life, their issues and their objectives - are they achievable or just ‘pie in the sky’ - and to explore their own potential for achievement of same.

A new perspective on life is often all that is required to instigate the changes we seek and a willingness to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones is a very powerful force for change.

Intuitive guidance is offered to the client and self-belief is positively encouraged to help them on their journey; however, the ultimate decision on how, when, why and what they do rests entirely with them.



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